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Randy Johnson

Founder, owner, and CEO of Getaway Adventures. You can thank him for creating this amazing service providing tours to people from around the world for over 25 years. Randy is an outdoorsman and cycler at heart and can be found leading tours through Wine Country. He is also responsible for all of the day-to-day operations to make sure your trip goes smoothly.

Favorite Wineries: Mackenzie Mueller, Bennett Lane, Envy Lava Vine, Ceja, Bouchaine, Amista, Zichichi, Benovia, Iron Horse, Russian Hill and lots more


Tim Chaille

Tim, with his vast and ever growing bike knowledge, keeps the equipment well up to par and helps to get all tours on their way! He is a big mountain biker and can give great recommendation for unknown, hidden gems of trails in the Wine Country.

Favorite Wineries: Bennett Lane, Chateau Diana, Battaglini Estate, Silver Oak, Mayo Family, Portalupi, Ceja, Rued, Russian River Vineyards, Envy, St Supery

comet 2


Comet, our in house security guard, makes sure all of our equipment stays safe, while at the same providing a high level of cuteness and cuddly-ness to our shop!

Favorite Wineries: Whichever ones give him treats!



Tommy Thompson

A jack of all trades, Tommy is never sitting still. When he is not out leading exciting tours through Wine Country you can fine him diving for Abalone, hunting for wild mushrooms or wrestling wild boars! Any tour with Tommy will truly be an adventure you'll never forget!

Favorite Wineries: Envy, Lava Vine, Saintbury, Ceja


Dustin Dalli

Dustin loves to take on any adventure that comes his way! He loves to hike, bike and kayak and is thrilled to share his passion with others, he will even get some good photos of you along the way! Whether it may be discussing your favorite sports team or the best local spa, resort or winery, Dustin is guaranteed to have an abundance of knowledge and excitement on any topic. Along with leading a fun and exciting tour, he is sure to provide you with an amazing lunch spread during your day!

Favorite Wineries: Saintsbury, Ceja, Bennett Lane, Mckenzie Mueller, Michelle Schlumberjer and Zachichi


Erik Smart

Whatever the adventure may be, Erik has got you covered! Avid hiker, biker and kayaker, he is ready to take people out and show them the best that Napa and Sonoma have to offer. Along the way he will treat you to just about the best picnic lunch you'll ever experience!


William Ashton

Don't let William's love of cars fool you, he knows his way around a bike or kayak just as well. With his keen sense of direction, vast knowledge of the entire North Bay Area, and astounding ability to slice any type of cheese perfectly, he is the perfect addition to any tour!

Favorite Wineries: Sullivan, Inglnook, Andretti


Whitney Hall

Whitney is an enthusiastic cyclist who spends most of her waking hours on a bike, whether it be for work, fun or transportation, her bike is her best friend! With that said she takes any opportunity she can to share her love of biking with others! She is also always keen on discovering a great new winery or brewery along her path!

Favorite Wineries: Russain River Vineyards, Bouchain, Lava Vine


Patrick Henry

Patrick, coming from Ohio, has found his home in Wine Country! As an avid cyclist and wine enthusiast, there is no better place for Patrick to be. He takes every opportunity he can get to share his love of good wines, beautiful wineries and great rides with his guests.


Bridget Boland

Joining us all the way from the Mid-West, Bridget has fully embraced the California Wine County! From cycling out in Western Sonoma County to hiking along the Jenner Coast, she is always up for an adventure and enjoys all the good wine the area has to offer as well. Bridget is sure to take you on a lovely tour and provide you with one of the best picnic lunches you'll ever experience!


Craig Furman

Bringing his love and knowledge of the California Wine County on all his tour, Craig is always more than happy to share his expertise. No matter the adventure, hiking, biking, or kayaking, Craig is the guide to show you the ropes and a great time! In between his continuing and advanced education, and leading guests around Napa and Sonoma Counties, he spends his free time running, reading and climbing. Feel free to ask Craig about most things, there is a very good chance he'll know the answers.


AJ White

A long time resident of Sonoma County, AJ can not only point you in the direction of some great wine, but can also take you out to explore the the beautiful Russian River on a kayak, or cycle around the charming Napa region of Calistoga. He is also the right person to ask if you are looking for a great cup of coffee!


Matt Paterson

Hailing from the East Coast, Matt has found his true home here in Wine Country. Between the beautiful landscapes and the amazing wine Matt can't think of a better place to be and loves to share his enthusiasm with all his guests!

Favorite Wineries: Saintsbury, Patz and Hall, Porter Creek


Merril Guzman

A long time lover of anything outdoors, Merril is a biker, hiker, swimmer and kayak-er. Merril grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and loves all that Wine Country has to offer. She enjoys working with guests of adventure travel and is always excited to introduce people to beautiful new landscapes, and great wine of course!

Favorite Wineries: Brian Arden , Lava vine, Sequoia Grove vineyards

Tim Smart

Tim offers the all around Wine Country adventure. His kind demeanor, never ending knowledge and insight, combined with his love of the outdoors make any tour of his an absolute delight. If out on tour with Tim, be ready to end the day with a new best friend!


Rick Parmer

Rick will amaze anyone with his vast knowledge of all things wildlife, wilderness and local history. Having worked in the outdoor industry all over Wine Country, Rick is the perfect tour guide for any adventure activity you may want to do in Napa or Sonoma!


Fred Heins

Fred, not only enjoys getting out for a great hike or a long bike ride, but also enjoys gardening and growing amazing fresh produce! If you are lucky he may even brings some of his fresh yields on tour for a fantastic addition to the picnic lunch!


Maria Potter

Maria is an avid cyclist and hiker. She loves sharing her love of the outdoors with guests. She knows all the best organic farms and wineries in beautiful Wine Country!


Tom Scott

A man of many talents, Tom speaks numerous languages and is always learning new ones. He enjoys nothing more than biking around Wine Country, introducing people to his favorite wines and wineries. Ask his advice on anything Wine Country related and he will give you never ending suggestions of the best places to go!

Favorite Wineries: Far to many to list!