Ropes Course


Challenge by Choice

The goal of the Getaway Adventures Challenge ropes course is to increase the participant’s sense of personal confidence and to increase cooperation, respect, communication and trust within a group. An important concept utilized during all courses is Challenge by Choice. This statement means that all participants choose their own level of challenge. Participants are challenged to go beyond their personal comfort zones, try new activities and discover new ways of thinking, dealing with issues that come up, and have opportunities to give and accept help and support from other members of the group. When courses are structured in this fashion, groups become teams and strangers become friends. By being given choice to achieve, participants will increase self-awareness, improve self-image, gain respect for others, and begin to acquire powerful leadership skills, but most importantly HAVE FUN!

Low Ropes:

The low ropes elements are close to the ground so the perceived risk is low, but still challenging to complete. Participants walk tightropes, negotiate obstacles, climb walls, balance giant teeter-totters and pass teammates through a huge spider’s web. Participants gradually expand their comfort zones (sometimes dramatically) and recognize fears that may block personal and professional achievement. Each challenge draws upon team members to actively support each other.

High Ropes:

The high ropes elements are elevated 40ft off the ground so the perceived risk is high, but actual risk is low. Participants walk across logs, negotiate tight ropes with hanging vines, jump for a trapeze 30ft in the air, and a ride zip line through our Oak spotted meadow as they overcome personal fears and develop new self confidence. Our Challenge-by-Choice philosophy enables every participant to experience their own success in the context of their own aspirations.

Participants appreciate the opportunity to interact with their teammates in a very different and powerful way. Our facilitators establish the context for each activity, monitor participant’s safety and help the team recognize valuable insights throughout the day.