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Experience the wonder of the Jenner Coast at night. Join us this summer for a unique experience; a sunset kayaking trip featuring bioluminescence on the Jenner Coast.

We launch in the evening and enjoy the sunset on the open water, a truly spectacular sight! Once the sun has set the real show begins. Summer tides and warmer waters bring blooms of bioluminescent dinoflagellates, small organisms in the water that produce a burst of light when excited by motion. Fish, seals, and seabirds all leave glowing trails as they swim through the water, as do the kayaks and paddles. Though they are present in the water at all times, it is only at night when their light is visible. Availability and start time varies, call our scheduling professionals for more information.


Time-frame varies with sunset

Meeting Location

Across the street from the the Jenner Inn next to the state visitor center boat launch

10400 Hwy 1, Jenner, CA 95450


Use of double kayak, unlimited water, and professional local guides.

*Private Tours available! Call our office for details

Wineries we may visit

No wineries on this evening trip

For important additional details including a weather forecast, please visit our FAQ for terms and policies.