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2022 WRAP UP


 We are wrapping up our busiest year ever! A year full of tours, rentals and new friends from around the world who were so happy to be able to travel again.

  We had a wonderful holiday season in Healdsburg. We hosted our first annual Holiday Lighted Bike Ride which was a fun, family friendly ride. We decorated our bikes, while enjoying hot chocolate and cookies with our friends, then rode from our shop, down the bike path and around the plaza enjoying all the holiday lights. Check out the link- Lighted Bike Ride to see a video of our ride.

We also held our first Holiday Bike Giveaway. We gave away four Specialized kids bikes to kids who otherwise wouldn’t be getting a bike for Christmas. This was so wonderful for everyone involved. It warmed our hearts to see the happy faces on the kids and their families when they picked up their bikes. We are looking forward to giving away more bikes next year!

a small child sitting on a bicycle We are selling our fleet of bikes to make room for new bikes, Specialized Hybrid(non-electric) and Electric bikes are available in various sizes. Contact us for details.