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valentine's vineyards

As most of you will already know, we are in the midst of dealing with a series of wildfires that caused unprecedented destruction for the region. Thanks to the efforts of firefighters and other first responders the situation is steadily improving, but the damage to lives, homes, and businesses has been substantial. We have felt these impacts acutely, with many of our staff and guides experiencing loss, displacement, and the almost complete shutdown of work during a critical time. Thankfully, no one in our Getaway Adventures family came to any physical harm, though the loss of homes and livelihoods is still a tough burden to bear.

We are doing all we can to provide support to our guides and staff, but know the best way to help them is by providing the opportunity to continue doing the work that they love. While we know many have changed their travel plans, we hope to still see some of you in the coming months. Our area is still beautiful and vibrant, and those of us in the hospitality industry will be working even harder than usual to ensure that our guests have a memorable time. As of today, we are open for business and will run all tours, air quality permitting. To help boost the number of tours we can offer our guides, tours booked from today (10/16/17) until December 31st will receive a discount of $25 per person, valid on any tour we offer. Please call our office at 1.800.499.2453 to receive this discount when booking, as well as for information regarding which tours are available.

Thank you all for your continued support, especially to those of our guests that reached out to check on us once they heard the news. For anyone that wishes to donate or volunteer, please visit these sites for more information on how to do so most effectively:

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