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sofa parade

We call it the Sofa Parade! Santa Rosa’s 12th Annual WinterBlast!

A super cool and totally homegrown event occurs near the end of November celebrating the arrival of the winter season.
This year it’s happening on .
Essential it’s a costume party and parade featuring colorful lights, fairies, pixies and a creative mix of artistic people some pushing decorated and themed sofas (yes sofas!) along a stretch of South A Street and then turns the corner on to Sebastopol road where it ends. Last year we met a lot of friends from all over Sonoma County. It’s well worth the drive.
All sorts of music, magic shows and a fun creative folks having a good time and enjoying the festivities
Come early because parking is a bit of an issue and enjoy food and libations provide by local art studios
Bring your creative groove and enjoy some awesome entertainment all very, very local style

Come on and check put the Sofa Parade!

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