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Ask any random person what they think of when they hear “Sonoma County,” and almost invariably the answer comes back: wine making (and drinking). While it certainly is true that this is one of the finest areas in the world for viniculture, Sonoma County also boasts an impressive lineup of world-class breweries and cideries. Before the ubiquitous blanket of vineyards covered the area, it would have been commonplace to stumble across a field of hops or vast orchards of apples. Though the cultivation of those products has declined in recent years, the history and legacy they left seeded both the craft beer movement and the craft cider revival.

On June 10th, this ongoing legacy will be celebrated at the 26th Beerfest: The Good One, held at the Luther Burbank Center. The event will include offerings from over 60 native California breweries and cideries as well as food provided by several local vendors. Whether you want to try barrel aged goodness, west coast hop-bombs, or crisp and refreshing ciders, Beerfest is guaranteed to have something that will tantalize your taste buds. Proceeds from entrance and raffle sales from this event are used to support Face to Face, a non-profit dedicated to the eradication of AIDS in Sonoma County. I can tell you that I am excited to sample some of the over 120 distinct beers and ciders being offered, and hope to see you there too!!

For more information and tickets please visit the Beerfest website.beerfest logo

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