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Wineries we love – T-Vine!


T-Vine Winery offers an exploration of unique reds crafted from some of the most ancient and special vineyards found in California. While they have been in business almost 25 years, their Calistoga tasting room opened more recently and offers a small and sophisticated atmosphere set amidst a backdrop thaT-Vine Wineryt captures the essence of the Napa region. We especially love the outdoor and upstairs seating, and the excellent service provided by Sonny and staff.

While most other wineries in the valley focus on Cabernets, T-Vine focuses on lesser known, vintage varieties that produce wines unique to the region. Some of the vintage varieties are harvested from pre-prohibition vines that are over 140 years old!! The Zinfandels in particular are loved by our staff.  A great location and the friendly service found at T-Vine Winery make it one of our favorite stops, and the delicious, single vineyard wines really set it apart!


For more information stop by to visit them at 810 Foothill Blvd in Calistoga, visit their website, or give them a call at (707) 942-1543.