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This is a full day of two of our favorite activities that are a lot of fun! We bike along the scenic Westside Rd., following the mid reach of the Russian River. When wineries reopen, you will be able to stop in to taste wine among the numerous wineries between Wohler Bridge and Healdsburg (9.8 miles). Choose among Gracianna, Armida, Arista, Mcrostie, Twomey and many more! We don’t know when these will fully reopen for visits but we will let you know after booking which are open at the time.

Once in Healdsburg we will meet you at a park on the river where you will get your boxed lunch (optional) which you can eat there or take it with you on the river, and then we’ll get you ready for the river adventure. This is a 3 hour, 8.5 mile paddle on a quiet undeveloped stretch of the river. Old gravel mining and vineyards keep this free of buildings and river side development. After your paddle you will arrive back at the starting location where your car will be waiting for you and we’ll say our farewells.